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Zealand Orchid Society (Sjællands Orchidé Klub - SOK) is a place for all with an interrest for orchids, and who would like to know more about how to grow them. The club is, along with the 5 other local clubs over the country, a part of the Danish Orchid Club (Dansk Orchidé Klub - DOK). The society covers most of Zealand (Sjælland) - the capital island in Denmark, where Copenhagen is located.

Society members goes from those, who just loves to have only a few orchids in the windows-ill - to those, who have made orchid growing a real, all-embracing passion!

Society activities are planned to embrace all needs as well as is possible. We have monthly meetings with interrestingtalks and teaching lessons - and you can allways have a chat with other club members - most members speak at least a resonable English!
Members can bring blooming plants for judging - and plants not frequently seen in ordinary shops may be up for sale. 20% of the sales price goes to the club funds.

There is a lot of litterature on orchids - and both Sjællands Orchide Klub and Dansk Orchidé Klub have a fine collection, that will be at the disposal for all members.

The society arranges excursions - i.e. orchid-locations in Denmark or in countries all over the world - or to orchid exhibitions or nurseries. Longer travels are arranged in collaboration with the other Danish orchid societies.
Visits to members, inviting us to see their collections are also arranged.

The club attends both national and international orchid exhibitions - and regularly also arranges such events. Through the exhibitions we promote the orchid hobby - and the members get the opportunity to present their beautiful plants to the public.

An important part of the club foundation is orchid conservation inside Denmark as well.
Amidst the concern of the loss of orchid habitats all over the world, we must not forget the responsibility for our own back yard!

As a member of SOK, you receive the magazine "Orkideer" 6 times a year - admittedly, it's in Danish - or Norwegian - as it is a co-production of Dansk Orchide Klub and Norsk Orkide-forening.

You will find, that the rest of the SOK-site has not been translated into English - but you will find ways to contact the Society Board - and where and when to attend club meetings - look at the Calendar !

Foto: Kenth Esbensen 2007
Prosthecea vitellina, syn. Encyclia vitellina




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